Online Short Courses


Contact me if you are interested in online short courses:


2-day or 3-day XPS/ESCA,

2-day CasaXPS,

and/or 2-day AES.


Course descriptions are available by clicking here.


I have had interest from colleagues in Asia, Europe and the USA, so timing will be challenging. I plan on offering the courses from 09:00 am until 05:00 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time in the USA so participants in the western states of the USA, Eastern states of the USA, and in Europe could participate. The timing would be more difficult for participants from Asia. I would have a 10 min break every hour and an hour break at lunchtime.

One of the following proposed dates will be chosen by me for the 3-day XPS and 2-day CasaXPS courses:

1. XPS 21-23 Sep 2020, CasaXPS 24-25 Sep 2020 (so 5 days in a row).

2. XPS 21-23 Sep 2020, CasaXPS 28-29 Sep 2020 (Mon-Wed, then Mon-Tues)

3. XPS 26-28 Oct 2020, CasaXPS 29-30 Oct 2020 (5 days in a row, week of cancelled AVS Symposium).

Please rank them in order of preference and let me know your preference, so I can choose the most popular.

The cost would be US$1,500 for the XPS course and US$1,000 for the CasaXPS course or US$2,250 for both courses. I will also offer a 20% discount if two or more participants attend from the same organization. Please pass on this email to your colleagues, and let me know if you plan to attend one course or both courses. I provide a 30-day license for CasaXPS should you not have the program, as well as the data we will process during the hands-on CasaXPS training. For the XPS course, you will receive a pdf copy of all the slides I will use in the course.

7 July 2020